Our work  in Ethiopia began in  2006 when at the request of Sara Cannizaro Child Minders Association (SCCMA), a local NGO in Addis Ababa, we organised and ran a three month programme of education workshops in the Ethiopian capital.

The programme ran from April till mid July 2006, with ‘Create’ collaborating with three local NGO’s: SCCMA, CIAI-Italian Centre For Children’s Aid and FSCE-Forum for Street Children, Ethiopia. This initial work established a deep committment to the country, where our work has since been focused.

The creative workshops were supported by a team of volunteers from the Fine Art & Drama departments of Addis Ababa University, where a series of talks discussing creativity and self awareness were also given by Graham Peebles, the Create Trust’s director.


Current and Recent projects in Ethiopia

Current projects

The Create Trust is about to start Child Abuse Awareness Campaign (CAAC) in Ethiopia. It will be realized in collaboration with local volunteers.
The aim of the project is to raise awareness of the effects of child abuse and of the rights of the child among children, teachers, parents, and more broadly with the community at large. Whilst addressing this, through the projects activities self-confidence/belief and independent thinking will be strengthened.

Recent projects

L O V I N G  L E A R N I N G   –   June – December 2011

The Create Trust and Tesfa Foundation UK, partnered to establish this major education initiative  for acutely disadvantaged children of primary ages year 1 – 3, in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. This education programme supported about 70 children of whom 31 were female and 39 male, from acutely disadvantaged/poor backgrounds, as they progress through primary school in preparation for secondary school. The programme offered classes in Maths, Amharic and English. It helped the children improve their performance at school, increased their chances to move into higher education and promoted the value of education to bring lasting sustainable change.

F R I E N D S Ethiopia   –   July 2010 – June2011      

A social development programme for Ethiopia, beginning in Addis Ababa set within small districts at the heart of social living, bringing together responsible adults with vulnerable children/young people and women. The programme included Mentoring, English classes and vocational training  and was implemented by local volunteers supported by The Create Trust.


Our earlier work in Ethiopia

Hope Enterprises   Addis Ababa. October – December 2007

Hope Enterprises is Ethiopia’s oldest native NGO. They serve a large community throughout Ethiopia. The Create Trust was invited to run a series of programmes in their Addis Ababa school. There we ran a teacher training programme for all the staff, a creative education project dealing with child abuse and a support clinic for the children at the school.

ANFAE. Addis Ababa. October – November 2007

Association of non-formal adult education Ethiopia (ANFAE) runs schools in rural areas of Ethiopia and in Addis Ababa. Administration of the schools is undertaken by members of the community, teachers from the community receive basic training by ANFAE.
Non-formal education uses a flexible curriculum, to accommodate children who are working within or outside the family home and ‘street children’. We ran a Community Theatre project with over thirty children aged six to 14 years dealing once again with corporal punishment in school and at home.

GOAL Ethiopia. Addis Ababa December- April 2007

Goal is an international Aid organization, with a strong presence in Ethiopia. A main focus of their work in Addis  Ababa is with ‘street children’, Create ran a major education programme in one of GOAL’s city shelters for boys.

Creative Education

A programme using visual and performance art (including dance) was designed in conjunction with the boys. Three sessions a week were organized and with key volunteers from Addis Ababa university the work went ahead.

Plays were written by the boys and performed to all in the shelter in small groups, the programme was designed to be flexible and respond to the groups interest, it was found that many were inclined toward visual art, we therefore emphasized this area of expression.

A difficult group to work with, we saw tremendous development in many, some during our time were happily re-united with their families thanks to the outreach work undertaken by the GOAL team.

Concentration/listening Work

A supplementary project to the Creative Education Programme, focusing on the child’s ability to listen, retain information and concentrate’ was organised.

After working with the boys for two months, we have identified ‘listening &concentration’ to be a key difficulty for the children and designed a simple project to strengthen these skills. We worked with the boys individually for short fixed periods of time, using a variety of exercises. A clear record of the project was kept.

CHAD-ET Addis Ababa   July – September 2007

Chad-et (child aid & development Ethiopia), runs numerous programmes in Addis Ababa and in rural areas throughout the country. In the city they work with ‘street children’ and commercial sex workers, they also run schools and conduct sex education projects. A major creative education project was organised for two groups of women, totalling around 35. All had been and some still were, working as commercial sex workers in the Merkato area of the city.

Creative education for women

A major programme was organised for two groups of women, totalling around 35. All had been and some still were, working as commercial sex workers in the Merkato area of the city. An area known for its traders, reputedly the ‘largest market area in Africa’, is also home to a great many under 18 sex workers and street children.

Create ran a three month programme, using visual and performance art. The programme was of great benefit and we witnessed change in many of the women, a growing self confidence and belief was seen and many ‘wallflowers’ blossomed.

Teacher training pilot

A pilot teacher training programme was initiated, for six weeks we worked with a team of twenty teachers. The teaching staff in the no-formal schools are not well trained, we found them to be resistant to new ideas however, the emphasis during the training was placed firmly on the development of an attitude of mind which is open, non-competitive, tolerant and creative – new ideas for many.

HAPSCO Addis Ababa. April– July 2007

HAPSCO is an Ethiopian Ngo, founded by an Ethiopian nurse who, when working with HIV/Aids victims, set up the organisation to offer education and general support to women and children victims of the disease. Create ran a three month creative education project for a group of thirty or so women. Specialist volunteers from Britain contributed to the programme. 

FSCE (Forum for Street Children Ethiopia) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia      November 2006 – May 2007

 FSCE-Forum for Street Children, Ethiopia works with sexually exploited and abused women. Through poverty, these women are forced to work as ‘commercial sex workers’ and are often the victims of HIV/Aids.

Following on from the earlier work with FSCE (see below), we designed a six month programme for the thirty or so under 18’s children & women in the FSCE dop in centre in Mercato.. Focusing on performance art- drama, dance and singing . 

May-July 2006

The first creative education work with FSCE in Mercato.

SCCMA (Sara Cannizaro Child Minders Association) Addis Ababa, Ethiopia   April-July 2006

The Create Trust ran creative educational workshops for a group of up to 35 beneficiaries, children aged from 8 to 17 years. The children are all living in circumstances of acute poverty and hardship. This was a community welfare project serving the community local to SCCMA.

CIAI (Italian Centre For Children’s Aid)  Addis Ababa, Ethiopia     April-July 2006

CIAI works with ex-street children. We ran workshops for a group of up to 30 children & young adults, ranging from 7 to 21 years old. All are living without parents in sheltered accommodation provided by CIAI, having previously been ‘living on the streets’, some for many years. The project included visual art, drama and photography.

University of Addis Ababa, fine art Dept.    June-July 2006

Graham Peebles gave a series of talks/discussions relating to creative thinking. This was a supportive educational programme, enriching the art education course and reflecting the college’s efforts to broaden the students’ experience of art education and critical contemporary art practice.

May-July 2007
Once again the University invited Graham Peebles (Create Director) to run a programme, this time delivering a course on creative photography to BA graphics students. The modules focuse on composition, light and awareness, of ones environment and the way we see, the choices we make and the images we construct.



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