At the heart of our work is a belief in the power of the creative process to liberate, inspire and heal.

A fundamental method of bringing lasting change to the lives of disadvantaged individuals is through education. The creative education programme is an educational work, using creative activities to stimulate a process of self-enquiry, generating self-respect, leading to self-awareness and creative freedom.

The participating children and young adults that we work with are living acutely difficult lives, marginalized and poor. Many of the children are without parents, some have fled abusive families, and all have been subject to extreme hardship. Their self-belief and psychological/emotional well being has for many been badly affected. Working in conjunction with local partner NGO's, our work is to enable a positive sense of self to be re-established and build in fundamental strength, which will aid in the transformation of their lives.

The aims of the programme are met through a range of objectives using various visual and performing art activities. The workshops should be approached by those involved, as a creative work in themselves, the whole programme being seen as an interactive creative exchange, a 'work of art' if you will.

It is a programme of creative endeavour, a group work in which those involved are encouraged to think and act in a creative, uninhibited way within a structured, disciplined environment. The primary aim is to generate self-awareness in all involved and to encourage creative independent thinking.